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IndianaJoe.blog is the collection of reports, musings, journalist articles, thoughts and ideas of Indiana Joe (or Joseph Hubbard as he was born). Indy Joe is a Palaeobiologist, Archaeologist, Naturalist,  Creation Researcher, Animal Keeper, and book enthusiast. He is completing degrees in Natural Science, Archaeology, and Zoology. He has over 13 years experience in the field of palaeontology and Nature work, and 4 years experience in the Animal Care Industry. Since 2014, he has worked with Creation Research and the UK branch, performing research, talks, presentations, and leading field trips.

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About Indiana Joe

Indiana Joe is Joseph Hubbard. In 2014 he began to work with Creation Research, as a speaker, writer, and researcher. He also began to pursue his degree, which led to Natural Science, Archaeology and Zoology degrees. He is now an active part of Creation Research UK.img_0413-e1529526112217.jpg

Joseph is also an Animal Keeper, and has been for 4 years, and has nearly 5 years experience in the Animal Care Industry. He has worked in a small zoo near his home in Norfolk for over 3 years. He has spoken in 4 universities and colleges around the UK, as well as numerous churches, schools, conferences and meetings on the subject of fossils, wildlife, nature and the Bible.