First Day

So this is officially it. I’m on my way. Left Norwich Station today at 2pm, after church in the morning. Big shout out to everyone at Servant’s Church who came to pray for me, and wish me well on this trip. I really do appreciate your prayers.

Train down to London via Cambridge went smoothly. There was a small hold up in Ely, but other than that everything was all on time. As London came into view, it really began to dawn on me – this is really happening! Mixed feelings really. On the one hand, this is an incredible opportunity, I will get some amazing training under John, and, come on, it’s Australia! But I will also miss my family greatly (already am), and wonder is Lilianna will remember me; my home church; as well as my colleagues (esp. J & A), who I am somewhat abandoning for the summer! I am going to miss out on training the pigs, seeing the new Burmese Python, watching the calves and fawns be born and grow up, and who knows what else!

Once in London, I began to navigate the Tube – after a toilet break, which I was charged 30p for the most disgusting toilets I’ve ever been to!

The Tube was……. interesting. Yes, I know it’s only a train, and loads of people do it every day, no problem, but remember, this is my first time ever! Suffice to say, the biggest thing I learnt was: make sure you get East and West the right way round! After that minor hiccup, It was fairly straight forward, and I managed to get to the Central Line and change to Piccadilly Line. The Tube ride here was over 45 minutes long, so I managed to wedge myself and the bags onto a very packed luggage section in the tube. Reminded me of those clips you see in Japan where the station people shove commuters into the trains so the doors can close!

The final tube ride was un-eventful, apart from being stopped by an absolute stranger and asked about my shoe size. A rather bizarre conversation followed (albeit a short one), where we discussed shoe size, shoe-making material, Canada, and plate tectonics. But seriously, who stops a complete stranger on the street, and compliments them on the size of their feet? I know I have freakishly large ones, but really, come on!

So, tomorrow I fly out. Tonight I get a good nights sleep before a very (very) large breakfast tomorrow (seriously, I do not take ‘All You Can Eat’ lightly….). Update should come tomorrow, and I may even try a video!

Until then,


Indiana Joe

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