Here we go again…..

Apologies for the lack of communication lately in this blog. The reasons are many, including university finishing, full in prep for this years ministry and loads more. However a new look will begin for this blog.

I will be posting much more often, with many more photos, and less words. To keep people updated with where I am, what’s going on, and a lot more. Every so often I will do a longer post and/or article, but for the most part it will be short and sweet. Some photos, a brief update, prayer, praise, and that’s it!

So where am I now? Sitting in a dressing gown, nearly asleep, trying desperately to remember if I’ve got everything that I need for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day it all starts. Tomorrow is the day I meet John Mackay for the first time in nearly a year. Tomorrow is the day that nearly 8 months of solid work begins to show fruit. Tomorrow I begin the next part of my journey. It’s not just a 2 month trip around the UK, but the start of a whole new life and calling. UK, US, OZ, wherever God takes me. Pray much.


Will it all fit?
Yes it will!

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