Darwin Day 2020

On this day 211 years ago, Charles Darwin was born. His birthday has become enshrined in UK recognition, making today ‘Darwin Day’. Darwin has a best selling book, the fastest ever selling book of the time, and the fastest seller of all Darwin’s work. No, not that one, it was his book on earthworms. Fascinating stuff!

Of course, hardly anybody remembers Darwin for his revolutionary work on earthworms. They remember him for a certain theory of how life came to be, which many have used as an excuse to reject belief in God.

We are now 161 years after the publishing of his most famous book ‘On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races within the Struggle for Life.’ And we are very many fossils in as well….

Darwin admitted that the fossil record showed very little evidence for evolution. But he was sure plenty of evidence would turn up soon, especially as scientists would now be looking for it. Over 150 years later, and still no evidence has been found. In fact, the only evidence there is from fossils is that creatures have been doing exactly what God told them to do – reproduce after their own kind.

This was evident at the recent Tucson Fossil and Gem show I visited. Spectacular fossils from all over the world that proclaim God’s glory and destroy evolution. Enjoy some photos!

Two tusked mastodon skull from Florida.

Getting ready to repair!
Pecten shells from France – living fossils!
Fossil Stromatolite. Supposedly 500 million years old, and they still live off the coast of Australia today!
Fossil starfish – supposedly 400 million years old, no evolution at all.
No guesses as to this creature that’s still alive today, swims in the sea, and the males give birth! Living fossil.

A spectacular horseshoe crab fossil, along with his trackway. Wonderful preservation- very rapid. Also a living fossil, they’re still alive today!

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