Urgent Coronavirus Update for Creation Research UK

 With the Coronavirus panic phenomena taking over the world, and many ridiculous situations cropping up as a result, we felt it important to give our supporters an update, as the situation is now affecting the ministry greatly, and the team personally.

Summary For Urgent Prayer

  • Praise for successful learning time in Texas -a great help to our museum ministry.
  • Coronavirus cancellations in USA require much prayer and re-planning
  • Urgent flight problems from USA to UK and family health issues in UK
  • Wonderful sharing opportunity last Sunday in Tennessee
  • Details below

Joseph Hubbard, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand Ministry.

The original itinerary that had been planned out was to spend time with Joe Taylor in the Mt Blanco Fossil Museum in Texas, which went ahead and was extremely successful and beneficial to the ministry, so CR HQ covered the costs. After this, I went to Creation Research’s USA base in Tennessee. The plan was to spend 2 weeks with Sarah-Ann Bird (my Fiancé), Sandra Bird, and Caleb Hubbard as a break in between ministry, which was not covered by CR. I would then continue through the United States, before heading up to Canada, then onto California, Australia, and New Zealand. Sadly, many of the churches promised in 2019 for this trip did not pan out, and then after this many churches in California began to cancel, which led to the first discussions as to the future of the trip. Once Canada also began to struggle, and Australia threatened to close its borders, the decision was made to pursue getting back to the UK as soon as possible, cancelling the rest of the trip.

Hubbard Family Scare and Personal Problems

The same day that the decision was made to cancel and leave, we heard that my family back in the UK had caught the Coronavirus. Mum Zoe came down with it first, and it has spread to four other members of the family, including dad. Because of the way the UK is dealing with the Coronavirus situation, they are refusing to allow victims to attend the hospital unless they are in a life-threatening situation and are being advised to stay in isolation. The issue is mum Zoe’s asthma problems, as she cannot get into a surgery for an asthma review, nor admitted to the hospital to be seen to either. As one of the results of Coronavirus is shortness of breath, she is currently struggling with breathing, so much prayers are appreciated. Another situation which would be hilarious if it were not actually a problem is that in a family of currently 7, they are down to 2 toilet paper rolls, and no means to get more, as all local shops are completely out. At the time of writing, dad Ryan will be trying to get into a shop as soon as it opens to grab some if he can. We have suggested he wear a large crow’s mask and ring a bell as he goes whilst shouting ‘Unclean!’. Although in all seriousness, please pray for my family at this time.

Flight Problems Immediately Afterwards.

After I preached at Grace Baptist Church in Hartsville (the ministry’s home church in the USA) on Sunday, we came home expecting to sort my flights back to the UK with the others, only to find that Sandra & Caleb’s flight, that was supposed to take place on Tuesday, had been cancelled due to the USA flight ban coming into place for the UK on Monday. They were given an option to re-schedule for Monday before the ban came into place, which they have done, and are due to fly tomorrow. Sadly, Sarah-Ann, who was due to fly back on the 25th March, also had her flight cancelled, but because it was booked by one airline, and run by another, nobody is taking responsibility, and there are no other options for re-booking. As of such, she will be attending the airport tomorrow with Sandra and Caleb, hoping to grab a flight with them, as there is a small likelihood that she can change the booking to fly with the others. But I, going into flights cold turkey, need a brand-new flight, and have currently been unable to find any flights for the next couple of days, and after that the cheapest flights are nearly $4000 (£3200), which is ridiculous. Therefore, the current situation looks like I will be staying in Tennessee for a short while until the travel ban lifts, there is no risk of losing even more money by flights cancelling, and we can get an affordable flight. I am currently safe where I am with our USA team, Pastor Carroll & Linda, so can continue research, study and catch-up work for the ministry.

John Mackay & Australian Ministry

Australia has also been hit with the Coronavirus panic, with the government restricting the border, and threatening to close it entirely. There has been a knock-on effect with many churches, meetings, schools and visits to Jurassic Ark now thrown in question. Dealing with all this, along with major flood damage in the Creation Research Headquarters at John & Anne’s house, is proving wearisome and difficult for the Australian team. At least they have plenty of tropical leaves, so the toilet paper shortage is not as devastating.

For Prayer

  • Pray that Sandra, Caleb and Sarah-Ann manage to get back to the UK safely, as they are my main concerns at the moment. Pray for guidance for me in knowing when to fly, book, or bide time with the whole situation. Pray for safety and productivity while I am stuck in the USA.
  • Pray for the Hubbard family, and many others like them that the virus has directly affected. Pray for healing, safety and comfort at this time.
  • Pray for the Australian office, for wisdom, comfort and strength. Fires, flooding, virus and personal health have begun to take its toll on the whole of the team, and they need all the grace and strength they can get!
  • Pray for ministry finances as the virus has already cost the ministry a great deal, even in only flight cancellations. The knock-on effect will be enormous, so pray that the LORD will continue to uphold and sustain us.  

 Thank you for your prayers and support at this time. Although times are uncertain and potentially dangerous, death is not a new concept to us. One of the biggest reasons the virus scares people is simply that it makes us remember that we are all extremely vulnerable, and statistics show that 100% of people will die at some point. This should spur us as Christians to use the current situation as a witnessing tool, to show people the reality of the true giver of life – the Creator, Sustainer and Saviour Jesus Christ! Continue in prayer and support, and we will keep you updated.

God bless,

Joseph Hubbard & the Creation Research UK Team.

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