Long Time No See!

So, first update for a while – I know. Australia finished, study and work exploded, Christmas came and went, and now its all over, a new year is here, and I sit here wondering where did it all go?

So, some quick updates for those that follow me, and a bit of a heads up as to the direction I will be attempting to take this blog in future-wise. I am now very submerged in with Creation Research in the UK. I will be organising the itineraries and events for John’s visit in 2019, as well as other projects happening as well. My degree will be mostly completed this year as well, with my zookeeping qualification continuing for another year. My work as a keeper will not continue for much longer as I take a step away for a while to continue work in ministry.

I have set up a base for Creation Research in the UK in the form of website, and it’s associated ‘acts’. As part of Creation Research UK, Indiana Joe.blog is linked with, and is actually part of Creation Research – the Indy Joe name, as well as the website. Also part of CR UK is the Genesis Museum of Creation Research , the Creation Research UK Museums Project and Creation Productions, with these all being a part of Creation Research International. Check out these links below to see what each place does:

Genesis Museum of Creation Research

gmcr logo no back

The Genesis Museum of Creation Research (GMCR) was founded and is directed by Joseph Hubbard, aka Indiana Joe. It contains over 3500 fossils, and boasts impressive archaeology and natural history displays, as well as a living fossil garden still under construction. The website is fully functional, but slightly out-dated – a new version will go live in the next couple of weeks, same address. The museum specialises in presenting hands-on evidence for the Bible’s accuracy from the very beginning. Free entry but booking essential.

Creation Research UK

Creation Research UK is the branch of Creation Research in the United Kingdom. Stemming right back to Creation Research International, with its headquarters in Australia, CR UK looks after all the smaller parts of Creation Research in the UK. It organises ministry, field trips, debates and conferences, and is the central hub for Creation Research activities. Click on the link to find out more about the ministry.

Creation Research International

The mothership. With International Director John Mackay, a highly experienced Bible teacher, researcher, geologist, debater and leader. Creation Research International, based in Australia is the head of CR UK, and all its activities. It also heads up the International CR Museum projects, with 4 museums in 3 countries, as well as the Creation Fact File and Ask John Mackay websites, giving evidence, and answering questions that come into the ministry.

Indiana Joe.blog

So where do we fit in? Personally, I want this to be an outlet for me to begin to share updates, thoughts, short articles, news pieces, and anything else that interests me. I will be aiming to get something on at least once a week, possibly even more often. While this blog is an outlet for Indiana Joe pieces and updates, there are also several other ways you can keep up with me:

Creation Research UK Facebook page – @creationresearchuk

Blog About Britain – new article every Friday – www.blogaboutbritain.co.uk

And make sure you sign up to the Creation Research UK newsletter – 1st one is aiming to be out by March.

God bless,


Indy Joe

One thought on “Long Time No See!

  1. May God bless you Joseph as God leads you into battle. He goes before you and guards your rear (Isa 52:12). We pray as a family for your continued protection for you and your family as you step forward to serve God. You are an amazing young man who is an inspiration for many.

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