Dawkins Takes a Second Aim At Kids……

So, back in September time (2018), active proponent of atheism Richard Dawkins made an announcement. He was going to publish a new book for children. In fact, there was going to be one for children and one for teenagers. He has said the book is to “Aid in the freeing of people from religion,” obviously aiming to help children get rid of the sense of guilt that their parents inflict on them with the religion that gets rammed down their throats. Dawkins has blatantly called parents who teach their children the religion they themselves practice ‘child abusers,’ particularly in his best selling book, “The God Delusion.”

 The initial reaction from many Christians is disgust, distaste and often a complete damnation of the upcoming book. I disagree. In fact, I am rather welcoming of the book myself….

 Let’s face it, we do indoctrinate our children. I certainly know I was. My parents drilled doctrine deep down into me. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It all depends on whether the doctrine is good or not. And ultimately it comes down to a simple, oh so simple question, but one that has caused many intellectual philosophers’ severe headaches over the years – what is truth? That is ultimately what Dawkins’ book is about – a quest for truth, and Dawkins claims to have found it, and wants to help others discover it as well. That truth? Atheism. There is no God, we are accountable to no one. And literally no one, especially God can judge. And it’s not like we’re any different. We believe we’ve discovered truth and teach our children that through books as well. The question is, which truth is actually THE truth?

 The reason I welcome Dawkins’ new books is that it presents an opportunity. I mean, come on, it’s not like kids today need to look far to find reasons or ways to abandon religion. Media, books, social sites, dating sites and news outlets mixed with personal lusts, peer pressure, personal sin nature and preferences means in today’s age, young people are leaving churches in droves. This book really isn’t going to make much difference. But it will allow an opportunity to engage once again with Dawkins. It will allow a conversation to get started. It will allow answers to be formed and used. It will allow a rebuttal to be made.

 Speaking of which, I might as well announce my plans for writing a rebuttal. Or at least an alternative for children. Something that highlights and deals with the many issues about Christianity that I’m sure will be brought up by Dawkins in his book. In fact, he stated that one of the working titles was, “OMG! I Think I’m an Atheist!”  I sincerely hope he chooses that, as I’m quite pleased with the title of my rebuttal – “PTL! I Know I’m a Christian!”

 Two final points:

 First, let me give you a spoiler for the rebuttal, and, in fact, the answer to that age-old question. Truth is not a concept. Truth is not a set of beliefs. Truth is not a feeling, an idea, or the manifestation of collective agreement within a culture. Truth is, in fact, a person. The same person who is also spirit. The person who did not say “This is truth,” or “That is truth,” but the person who said “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.” The Truth – is Jesus Christ.

 Oh, and before you ask, no my parents did not brainwash me. All washing of the brain was done exclusively by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:23).

God bless!


Indiana Joe

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-ND

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