Aust and beyond.

Friday consisted of a field trip to Aust Cliff, which was a great success despite terrible weather forecast. It stayed mostly dry, apart from a short 15 min shower halfway through.

Fossils were aplenty, and many of the participants encouraged.

Potential fossil amphibian footprint from Aust Cliff.

The next two days have been pretty full with meetings in Shropshire. Last night was very well received, including at least two non-believers being present. One in particular found the segment on design very challenging.

Today has consisted of two meetings, a Bible study on Genesis 1 and John 1 in the morning, and a study on Jesus Christ the Creator, Sustainer and Saviour in the evening. The saints were very encouraged as well as encouraging. And there may just be a potential new Creation Research project happening here – keep an eye out for more information to come!

For prayer:

  • Future Creation Research ventures in this area. Much encouragement and request for us to come back and develop more projects.
  • Strength and rest for John and Joe over the next couple of days before it all really kicks off.
  • Health for John M as he appears to be developing a cold, which may hinder ministry. Pray much.
  • The unbelievers who attended the meetings, that they may see the truth of the Gospel.

For praise:

  • Continued support and encouragement.
  • The continued support and help from the Bird family in so many areas, particularly the Rocks Cry Out project.
  • The new contacts and potential work in this area.

One thought on “Aust and beyond.

  1. Great fossil dig, couldn’t believe how easy it was to collect fossils there, great to see so many families with their children so excited as they found shark teeth, dinosaur bones etc. Excellent teaching, thank you so much for another great dig! Jill


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