Kilve Fossils

Yesterday I led a field trip to Kilve beach. Great weather and tides were perfect. Despite purchasing brand new batteries for the bullhorn, it died on me within 5 minutes, so was left to resort to shouting for the rest of the day!

Fossils were plentiful. Our first good discovery was by this lady, who found a spectacular ammonite.

Soon after plenty more ammonites started showing themselves…….

Then came the biggest discovery of them all (quite literally!!)

Of course, he had to then carry it back……..

A big point made during the field trip, was how the dates assigned to the rocks simply don’t make sense in light of the ammonites found there. According to the dates it took 20 million years to lay down 30 metres of sediment, meaning the yearly rate was 0.0015 mm per year. A ludicrous result of you consider the size of the ammonites, and how long it would take to bury them. If the dates and dates were real, you would simply never get a fossil.

Add the fact that the deposit goes all around the world, and you end up with a worldwide flood deposit that formed very quickly indeed!

One thought on “Kilve Fossils

  1. Wonderful finds, I’m sure everyone was delighted, great items fossils to have in one’s home, ready to start a good conversation about creation with unbelieving visitors!


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