Off again

Currently writing this while on the British Airways flight from Heathrow to Nashville, after 3 very busy days of travelling.

After spending the first half of Tuesday travelling down to London with the family, we spent the afternoon in the Natural History Museum. Wednesday was spent at the Tower of London, then it was off to Heathrow.

This morning was quite nice and calm, other than having to say goodbye to Sarah-Ann, my fiancé. Oh yes, that’s right – I’m engaged now 😁. No issues getting onto the flight, and now here I am – currently somewhere over Lake Michigan.

While writing this, I was approached by a young man who wanted to see out of the window, as his brother wouldn’t let him, and he wondered if he could look out of mine. I obliged, and then asked him if he was on his way to holiday. He was. He then asked me what I was doing. This then sparked off an entire conversation about fossils, dinosaurs, digging, and,yes, Noah’s flood!

It was extremely interesting to experience the young man’s opinion of dinosaurs and fossils. He obviously had an indoctrinated view of millions of years and evolution, but all his veins on dinosaurs came from pictures and videos – he had no concept of how you actually find dinosaurs in the real world – bones and all. “You mean we don’t actually find all the colours? Then how do we know what they looked like?”However, his naivety was also a help – after showing him some photos of dinosaurs buried next to fish, his conclusion was ” There must have been a huge flood, like a tsunami, that washed them all together!” And then after finding out how many fossils there are – “That must have been a really big flood!”

He did not leave without the gospel, and I also gave him one of the new Creation Research kids books – ‘What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?’ which God had graciously led me to pack in my cabin bag. Pray for him, that the truth may abound in his mind and life.

I am arriving in just over an hour – pray for the next load of ministry coming up!


Indy Joe

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